Super Hero Birthday Boy

For the past couple of years, I’ve tried to photograph my kids birthday pictures with what they were in to that year.

When Brayden was 4, he really took to Toy Story. We had a Toy Story themed birthday for him and it was only suiting to photograph him with what he loved at the time.


He loved the theme!

This past year he has been in to super heroes! We watched all of the Marvel movies and I even took him to see Avengers 2 when it was in theaters. So this year as he was turning 5, I thought that this would be a perfect time to photograph him once again what he was truly in to.

Brayden_SuperHero002 copy Brayden_SuperHero007 copy

How can you not love this idea! Brayden thought it was the coolest thing to run outside in his underwear, a cape, and rain boots. I can’t wait to see what we will do next year! Happy 5th Birthday little man.

Last Day of School

Whew! I am glad that school is over for the year! Let’s take a look at how much these two have grown!

Jamison – Wanted to be a soccer player at the beginning of 6th grade, and by the end (at no surprise) he still wants to. If you noticed (for the first time in history with this boy), we only had 1 pair of shoes for an entire school year!


Reighliee – At the beginning of 4th grade, she wanted to be a nail stylist. Towards the end she had still wanted to be that as well as a hair stylist.

Do you like to take pictures before and after a school year? What a difference a school year can make. I’m glad to capture that.

Distracting Backgrounds

This past Sunday we were at my oldest son’s soccer game. My other kids are never interested in watching the game because there are stones to play with, a big playground, and another field to run around on. Layla took a little break from running around like a maniac to sit down and kick off her shoes.


After reviewing my images later on, I really fell in love with this picture. However the cars in the background made for a very distracting portrait. So I took to PS and made it less distracting!


Now the focus is right on my beautiful daughter. I’m totally in-love with this image and I believe I’m ready to get it printed!

Living with Super Heroes & a DIY Back Drop

My youngest two children are usually dressed up like a super hero everyday. Layla’s “go-to” costume is always Batman and with Brayden,  it’s hard to tell who he wants to be (lately he’s been Spider Man). Here’s a couple (super cute not because they are my kids) examples of what we usually see around the house.

Living with Super Herosspiderman kickMarch8_012

I had taken a trip over to Target and browsed their party section. I found a super hero plastic table-cloth and other goodies. My first thought of course was I needed to buy it and photograph the kids on it.

After I got home and showed it to Brayden, he was “super” excited! He couldn’t wait to have his picture taken with the cool new background.


I also bought Layla a more girly Batman outfit while at Target (aka: the black hole of my wallet). Seriously though! When a little girl loves Batman and you find a girly one with a cape and tutu – you buy it!


I believe I only paid $5 (or less) for the table-cloth that I used as a fun back drop for the kids. Brayden’s birthday this year most likely will be a super hero theme, so this will be reused again for his party!


My Best Friend

My husband and I are celebrating 8 years of marriage! In our 8 years together, we have gone through so many obstacles to be where we are today. Today, I am thankful for all of them. We were married on April 14, 2007 – pretty much right after he graduated from Basic Training (Army). We both had a kid from previous relationships and started a marriage through long distances.

Our wedding day

8_years_2We lived together in Colorado for a while without our kids, which was one of the hardest things ever. We survived  2 deployments with Josh in Iraq and me at home with the kids.


I think that our love and strength were tested multiple times, but love never failed us. We worked together to get to this point in our lives.


The Army took us to Germany and Virginia as well. Together we added 2 more beautiful children to our family. After 8 years of being married to this man, my life finally feels complete. He is my best friend.


Here is to 8 years of marriage to my Best Friend and that we make more awesome memories in our future. I love you.


Easter Pictures without the Bunny

Like most of you, I enjoy scarring my children with the bunny at the mall. I have taken them every year and purchase the outrageously priced mall photos with my kids crappy expressions just to keep the memory of taking them to see the bunny. Usually, I have to be in the photo as my kids never want to sit there with him alone. Who can blame them? I don’t want to sit with the bunny either!

Easter Bunny 2014

So this year, I took them to see the bunny once again. Of course, Layla wanted nothing to do with him and Brayden sat so nice and was ready for the picture. But I said screw it! I wasn’t going to pay the mall again and decided I would take their pictures myself. After all, I am a photographer.

1- Brayden_Layla

2- 3images3- Together

So now I’m happy with the kids pictures this year. Once the weather is nicer around here, I’ll do a spring theme with all four of them since I can never get enough of my kids! These two are the best of friends (sometimes). Layla loved her new little costume from her Nana too. She’s worn it quite a few times after I took their pictures as well! Does anyone have experiences with the bunny like me?


The Tenderloins – and I don’t mean your crotch!

I knew that the title would get you!

Every time I take out my camera, I tell a story. The story that I’m sharing with you today was taken this past September. My husband and I went to see The Tenderloins in Wilkes-Barre, PA. They played 2 shows that evening and we went to the late one. (This also means that we had a sitter for the kids – we never get a date night!)

If you don’t know who these guys are, I suggest that you watch a little Tru TV. Their show is called “Impractical Jokers” and it is the funniest thing that you will watch! Promise.

They have been touring as “The Tenderloins” all over the US. I’m extremely lucky and happy that I had a chance to see them live. Enjoy the images I took!


Tenderloins_Jokers_2 Tenderloins_Jokers_3 Tenderloins_Jokers_4 Tenderloins_Jokers_5 Tenderloins_Jokers_6